The web site moved!! and cool info!

Hi Edmundyu1995 here!

This web site have moved to another web site, I hope you’ll enjoy the other web site. It’s full on excitement, the web site also posts very often.


This web site have moved to or CLICK HERE! .  There are cool infos about club penguin their.


Club Penguin August 2009 Snow & Sports Catalog


Hi Edmundyu1995 here!

There’s a new Snow and Sports catalog on Club Penguin. Here’s how to find the new catalog:

1. Open up the Club Penguin map.
2. Go to the Ski Village.
3. Go to the Sports Shop.
4. Click on the Snow and Sports catalog in the bottom right.

snow and sports catalog

Unfortunately, Club Penguin didn’t place any hidden items in the catalog. Maybe they will place hidden items in the next Snow and Sports catalog (November).

The Pin is in the cove!