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Sorry For The Inconvienence!

Club Penguin Cheats Plus hasn’t been posting recently. And CPCP fans deserve to know why.

We went to post that the Music Jam wasn’t extended, and that Snoe’s post was false. However, it would not let us login to Host Gator or Slice Host. We went to the blog login page on and 101’s WP account was suspended.

I spent all of my time trying to renew our HG&SH hosts, but it was no use. I had to find my WordPress account password, and once I did, I finally renewed Host Gator and made myself the owner of the blog, so I can do anything now, even though I’m only contributer of the blog.

101 is trying to get his account “matt4l” back, but WordPress isn’t helping. He will most likely make a new account, but until then CPCP is in the hands of me, KPT.

CPCP will continue as normal, but will not feature 101 at the moment.

Music Jam 2009 Extended?

The Music Jam 2009 should’ve ended around 30 hours ago, yet it hasn’t! Do you think it’s been extended?

In other news: Lil Snoeman’s membership is almost over. So, until it’s over, I’ll use him, but barely.

Club Penguin Epic Party Review

THE PARTY WAS AWESOME! We crashed the server!

Our Awesome Party

The party changed & split into 2 places due to the rooms becoming full and we didn’t want the server to crash right in the beginning. Here is 101 and what he has to say:

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Updates: Twitter, Design & More

CPB has updated a lot over the past day!

CPB president, 101dr, has created an account on twitter. You can tweet with him by clicking the twitter button on the side of our site.

101dr has added an awesome new design, and we’re still working on it.

The “more” is a secret, we’ll post it soon.

Club Penguin Thanks For Tracking Sensei

The comment tracker was a success, and for everyone who helped track, put this picture somewhere on your site or an online place.

Sensei: Thanks For Tracking The Ninja Master On CP Blast!

If anyone else except the people who helped track put that on their site, it will be a picture of Micheal Jackson. 🙂

Club Penguin Sensei Snapshots

Sensei’s recent visit to Club Penguin was very fun! My main penguin, King Pin Two, met him and got the background, but Lil Copper didn’t, so I hacked it (thanks to Microchip123). Here are some snapshots of me meeting him though.

Sensei Glitch

Yeah! There was a glitch, if the rooms busy and you click a player, then click the sensei, a gray penguin appears! Quickly press “Print Screen” on your keyboard to take a picture, you must be quick though, the grey penguin quickly turns into the Sensei’s backround image.

The Sensei

The Sensei’s Autograph!


Senseis Backround

The Sensei’s Autographed Backround!


Sensei Visits

The Sensei’s crowd! =)

Thanks to Lux1200, Andyh2, Kingpin2, INsanityPenguin for helping me find Sensei. YOU ALL ROCK!