Staff Bios

Raw Boy 3:
Hey everyone! I’m Raw Boy 3 from Club Penguin. I used to be 101duderocks, but me & my brother bought Raw Boy 3 from Kettle Corn and now he’s mine and he’s a really good penguin. My brother is Garry Vegas and he is really cool! I’ve been working on this site since the Ice Skates came out on Club Penguin, and it’s really hard. I’ve got hacked by #iamthewalrus many times and had to redo the site. I had over 5000 posts. Anyway, I love going on to talk to my fans. My backup penguins are 101duderocks and I0lduderocks. My best friends are Tommy 234 56, Kingpin2 and Gravy06. Oh and Charles9000. My twitter is duderockscp and my YouTube is duderoxcp. Please follow & subscribe to me! My real name is Matt and I love playing sports! My favorite sport is basketball. It’s really fun and I’m a very good dribbler.

King Pin Two:
Howdy penguinz! I’m just gonna write a short biography about me. My penguins are King Pin Two, Lil Snoeman. I used to be known as Copper and somewhat still am. My first penguin was Snoe123. It was very rare. I’m one of Raw Boy’s BEST FRIENDS IN THE WORLD! I know him in real life! Well, that’s all I’m gonna write now. Oh and my real name is Edward. Bye!


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