Rockhopper Cheats


Rockhopper is here for Fall Fair, check out what items he brought with him this time below!

fall fair20

Not a new free item, but some cool Member Items! Lets see what Rockhopper is doing in his visit:

fall fair notice board


We now have an accurate SMS tracker. It’s better than an online tracker cause you can get updates on your phone! The text tracker is on the left sidebar! Read below it if you can’t see the tracker.

You can also go to the Raw Boy 3/CPCP updates twitter page because I will be posting there whenever I find Rockhopper. The twitter is also on the right sidebar across the whole thing.

Rockhopper has a new background I think. I don’t think it’s the plant one cause that party already ended. It may be his old one, his Bambadee one, a brand new one or maybe even the plant one. I’m not sure… I gotta meet him. But with my trackers, I can easily find him.

Raw Boy 3
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  1. i sea rock hopher and if you click him you have a free gift thanks

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