Fall Fair Cheats

THE FALL FAIR IS THE BEST!!!! There are so many good decorations & items & games. But someone took spin-tah-wheel away. D;

I can’t post it all cause it’s too good for me to post, so here is a post by Lux1200. Click more to see it.

Grab some cotton candy, play some games and win some prizes at the Club Penguin Fair, known as the Fall Fair (now “The Fair”)! Check out all the awesome games to play and prizes to win below.

the fair

How To Win Tickets – Getting Started

fall fair1

The whole point of The Fair is to play games, win tickets and trade them in for prizes! Check out the Ticket Icon next to the Moderator Symbol to see how many tickets you have and more.

fall fair2


Find some games to play and start winning tickets!

The Fair Games

fall fair3

There are over 5+ games to play and win tickets at The Fair. Below is a list of the Games and the room there at plus a step by step tutorial of how to play them!

The Fair Games – Beach

  • Mystery Game

The Fair Games – Dock

  • Ring The Bell

The Fair Games – Snow Forts

  • Puffle Paddle

The Fair Games – Room acess from the Snow Forts

  • Balloon Pop
  • Puffle Soaker

The Fair Games – Forest

  • Puffle Shuffle

The Fair Games

  • Feed-A-Puffle

Go to one of those rooms and start playing it to win some tickets! If you need some help, below is a tutorial for every Fair game.

The Fair Game Tutorials – Memory Game

fall fair game0

You can find the Memory Game at the Dock. Walk over to it to play.

memory game1

The point of Memory Game, is well, MEMORY!

memory game2

Click on cards and match pairs toghether in the least amount of tries for more tickets! You can find how many Matches and Tries you have in the box in the right corner.

memory game3

Keep trying until you match every pair, you wont always get pairs so try and remember what card was were, that is the point of the game

memory game5

Once you have matched every card it should look something like this.

memory game6

The less tries you have the more tickets you will get.

The Fair Games Tutorial – Ring The Bell

fall fair game1

The point of Ring The Bell is the of course Ring The Bell! But it takes timing.

ring the bell1

Ring the bell, win tickets, that simple!

ring the bell2

Once you have it right on the bullseye, left click and hold you mouse until the hammer is at its highest point and let go! Bam! You rang the bell.

ring the bell3

You get 25 tickets every time you ring the bell.

The Fair Game Tutorials – Puffle Shuffle

fall fair game2

You can play Puffle Paddle at the Snow Forts!

puffle paddle1

The point of this game is to bounce puffles with a paddle, the more the bounce them the more tickets you get.

puffle paddle2

Use your mouse to move to paddle and bounce puffles up and down to earn tickets! You can see how many tickets you have earned in the box in the right corner. The further you get the more puffles you have to juggle.

puffl paddle3

Once you reach 60 tickets a second puffle will come. If both puffles fall you will loose, if just one puffle falls another will come. Once you bounce 2 puffles you will get 2+ tickets for each time they hit your paddle.

puffle paddle4

Once both puffles fall the game will be over. If you want to exit the game before you loose, let both puffles fall because you will get extra tickets for the amount of time you played and puffles juggles!

The Fair Game Tutorials – Puffle Soaker

fall fair game3

You can find Puffle Soaker at the Secret Room off of the Snow Forts.

puffle soaker1

In Puffle Soaker you have to soak the puffles and not the penguins.

puffle soaker4

To win tickets, squirt a puffle, to loose tickets, squirt a penguin! To shoot press the space bar (or up key), to turn use the arrow keys. When a pizza or a fish comes up press the down key before it hits you (you also get a ticket bonus), if it hits you you will loose points. You can see how much time you have left in the bottom left, and you can see your score in the bottom right.

puffle soaker3

Once the time runs out the game is over, you can collect your tickets and continues playing games!

The Fair Game Tutorials – Balloon Pop

fall fair game4

You can also find Balloon Pop in the same area as Puffle Soaker (the secret room off of the Snow Forts).

balloon pop1

This is probably the most challenging game at The Fair. You have to pop the targets to get tickets.

balloon pop4

balloon pop3

The point is to knock the colored targets into the cactus on the wall, once popped tickets will fall that you can collect! You have to blow the balloon with the puffle in it to the tickets to collect them. You can left click and hold your mouse to blow the fan faster if needed, but it usually just makes you spin out of control and pop your balloon =P Remember you have to blow the puffle in the balloon over the tickets to collect them. If you looking for a game to get fast tickets, this isnt the game!

The Fair Game Tutorials – Puffle Shuffle

fall fair game5

You can play Puffle Shuffle at the Forest!

puffle shuffle1

You point of this game is to find the correct color puffle hidden under one of the tall hats!

puffle shuffle2

puffle shuffle3

Different colored puffles will be hidden under tall hats, follow the colored puffle asked, get it right and win tickets!

puffle shuffle4 puffle shuffle5

You have 3 lifes and unlimited amount of time.

puffle shuffle6

Once you guess wrong 3 times your game will be over and you can collect your tickets!

On to the last game Fair Game!

The Fair Game Tutorials – Feed-A-Puffle

fall fair game6

You can play Feed-A-Puffle at the Cove!


You point of Feed-A-Puffle is to feed as many puffles as possible with 100 Puffle-O’s.


Shoot Puffle-O’s into Puffles mouths by left clicking on your mouse. Be carful and dont miss, you only have 100 Puffle-O’s!


Watch out for the Red Puffles, they’ll stick there tung out prefenting you from shooting a Puffle-O into their mouth.

Feed-A-Puffle is a one of many cool Fall Fair Games! Once you have enough Tickets check out the Prize Booth!

Prize Booths

fall fair4

fall fair6

There are two Prize Booth’s, one for non-members and members, and one just for members! The one for everyone (non-member & member) is located at the Forest. Here is what they have:

  • Featherd Tiara – 100 Tickets
  • Cotton Candy Pin – 50 Tickets
  • Pink Star Top Hat – 100 Tickets
  • Beacon Fair Background – 50 Tickets
  • More Prizes To Come!!

fall fair5

fall fair8

This is the Members Only Prize Booth in the Members Only Area (more details on that below), here is what the Members Only Prize Booth has:

  • Tent Igloo – 700 Tickets
  • Teddy Bear – 200 Tickets
  • Circus Top Hat – 110 Tickets
  • Circus Outfit – 300 Tickets

Members Only Area

fall fair7

You can enter the Members Only Area in between the Prize Booth and Puffle Shuffle!

fall fair9

The Members Only Area has the Puffle Circus and a Members Prize Booth.

Puffle Circus (Members Only Area)

fall fair10

Watch Puffles perform stunts at the Puffle Circus!

fall fair11

Select the Puffle Act that you would like to see. I like the red Puffle Act! Here is what each Puffle Act does!

fall fair12 fall fair13

  • Black Puffle – Black puffle catches on fire and spins through the Circus Tent
  • White Puffle – White puffle walks out with beard, it falls off and the curtain drops
  • Red Puffle – Red puffle shoots through flaming hoops
  • Pink Puffle – Pink puffle walks up diving board, gets googles on and dives into pool
  • Green Puffle – Green puffle gets on unicylce and juggles balls on a tightrope
  • Blue Puffle – Blue puffle bounces on ball
  • Purple Puffle – Yellow puffle makes purple puffle disappear

After you’ve watched all the Puffle Acts check out some of this other SWEET stuff!

Other SWEET Stuff!

fall fair18

The Iceberg is now a GIANT Ball Pit!

fall fair16

Lux1200 lets out his inner Cowboy!

fall fair14

That makes me want a Slushi xD

fall fair15

fall fair17

2 things that dont go toghether, Ice Cream and Popcorn! 1 thing that does go toghether, Club Penguin and Fairs!!!

Raw Boy 3’s note: MY FAVORITE GAME IS THE PUFFLE PADDLE! Lux, I know how it took you a couple hours to make this, so I’ll pay you for letting me use it. Just tell me at xat.com/duderockscp.


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