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Cadence Tracker

Location: Unknown


– She are only found in Backstage/3rd Floor of the Dance Club.
– Click HERE to see what they look like.
– She gives out an autographed background.
– She stays on each server for about 10-15 minutes.
– She mostly goes to famous servers, such as Frozen, Mammoth, Blizzard, Avalanche, Tundra.
– If the Backstage or Dance Longue or Dance Club are full, she is probably on that server. Keep trying to get in!
– The server will probably be lagging if she is in it.
– She is usually in a crowd, so the Users In Room list comes in handy.

If you find Cadence & the server is really laggy, click on her and she is a peach color with a boombox, which is how she break dances without a visual boombox. They put a peach penguin with a boombox (so she can breakdance) and then put her main design & background on (which is basically just a background over a penguin).
Confusing huh? But try it! It’s wicked cool, and now I understand how Sensei disappeared (in his programming, he had the Cloud Bracers).


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