Club Penguin CPB 3 Year Anniversary Party

July 18th is CPB’s three year anniversary! Let’s look way back to July 18th, 2007.

I was reading Kingpin2 & Mohd222’s WordPress blog (King moved, Loki Terry owns the site now). It was really cool & I wanted to make one.

A whole year went by when I posted with Cena Vs Hhh. Then, I decided we needed a domain. So, exactly a year after the site was made, I bought

On August 7th, 2008,  for a birthday gift, I got Custom CSS. King helped me with designs. I experimented by changing themes, etc.

Now, here it is, July 16th. We’ve been through a lot, but we’re still posting to you. will expire in 2 days on our anniversary. But, you can still get there by: (COMING SOON)

So, let’s fast forward back to July 16th, 2008 – shall we? So, back to the main subject, OUR 3 YEAR ANNIVERSARY PARTY!

Here is the invatation:
Club Penguin Invatation
It’ll be a really good party! If you scroll down, you can see an awesome mini-party below (which even Chrisdog93 and other famous penguins). Well, this isn’t a mini-party! It’s a major-party! So we’ll have even more people!

We’re also holding a good contest during the party:
The first person to say “CPB OWNS CP” to 101 gets a cool penguin with coin codes unlocked.
The second person to say “CPB OWNS CP” to 101 gets a cool penguin with awesome member items.
The third person to say “CPB OWNS CP” to 101 gets a penguin with OK member items.

All of the winners will be shown on the site in a picture with me & Snoe and be added to our lists. The first place winner, along with his prize, gets to be a contributer to CPB, and be on the blogroll.


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