Club Penguin Card-Jitsu Review

There are tons of things you said you like about becoming a ninja. Thanks for all your awesome responses. Here’s one that we liked a lot:

Tweety Girl3 said:
My favorite part of training to be a Ninja is playing Card Jitsu! Its so fun to play with the other penguins. Just think; you could be playing Card Jitsu with people all around the World!! How cool is that, right?

Thanks, Tweety Girl3!

There’s a new play coming soon and the team was talking about all the ways to get creative at the Stage… costumes, scripts, Switchbox 3000, directing, being part of the audience – and more! We were wondering what you think. What’s your favorite thing to do at the Stage?

Leave your comments (try to keep them between 50 – 75 words) and we’ll pick an answer to feature next week!


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